Automated real-time pollen sensing and reporting

Devices, Network & Computing for Automated Pollen, Mold and Dust Data:

Allergies are the worst.

Pollen Sense Mobile App provides real-time particulate data from automated pollen sensing devices.

Become pollen-wise with Pollen Sense. Allergy intensity follows exposure levels. An app on your mobile device can help allergy sufferers dodge
pollen concentrations.

Make informed decisions.

Pollen Sense has an API for developers who wish to use our data.

Tap the data from our network of automated devices that detect, count and identify particulates in real-time. Improve your reports and forecasts with scalable, timely ground-truth data.

What’s in YOUR air NOW?

Not yesterday. Not Summer of last year. Not in the neighboring city. Our network of devices is growing, and you can join the network that helps reduce allergy and asthma suffering.

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