Automated real-time pollen sensing and reporting

Pollen Sense™ in the News

The Daily Herald (based in Provo, Utah) featured the Pollen Sense device on its front page. We’d like to thank them for their excellent article!

Read on to see what’s in Provo’s air, how one of Utah Valley’s own shares his own experience with more timely pollen data, and how you can better understand what pollen and dust are in the air you’re breathing. For allergy suffers and asthmatics, the more timely this information is, the better.

Provo Pollen Sample Reported at 7:15 am

We’ll be updating pollen images for Provo’s air throughout the day. See the others in the gallery!

Timely Pollen Counts can Help

Ugh, allergy symptoms.

Pollen Sense Mobile App provides real-time particulate data from automated pollen sensing devices.

The Pollen Wise™ mobile app is being actively developed. It will provide a pollen count so those with allergies to ragweed, grass, or tree pollen can better reduce exposure during pollen season.

Improve pollen forecasts.

Pollen Sense has an API for developers who wish to use our data.

Pollen counts from automated devices that detect, count and identify particulates quickly. Improve your allergy reports, allergy index and pollen forecast with scalable, timely ground-truth data.

Your own pollen count.

“Google, what’s the pollen count near me?” Get your own really local pollen count! Join our growing network by leasing a small, low-maintenance pollen sensor for your neighborhood or backyard.

Pollen Sense is deploying pollen monitoring devices in the USA and Europe now. Pollen Wise™ is one app that will be released soon that will reveal some of the most frequently updated pollen counts. Your neighborhood or agency can join the Pollen Wise network today!

National Grass Pollen Awareness Month

Pollen Counts: automated, frequent, timely.

Allergy and asthma sufferers can use benefit from our growing network of pollen samplers that can provide continuous pollen and dust information you can act on. Your pollen count is probably over 24 hours old. Our pollen counts are coming in every few minutes.

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