Pollen Data, in Real-time

Download a Pollen Sense Brochure
Download a Pollen Sense Brochure

Allergists, agronomists, palynologists: you need timely pollen data. You need Pollen Sense.

animated pollen directional green lighting

Pollen Sense™ is a fully-automated pollen sensor that collects and images pollen and other particulates down to less than 5μm in real-time.

Current features include:

  • Rugged and low maintenance.
  • 12v DC – easy to solar power if desired.
  • Images are saved to a cloud service in real-time.
  • Pollen Sense caches data so internet disruptions don’t compromise information.
  • Raw images can be accessed in real-time for analysis or later for examination.
  • Access reports to past and present data for your pollen-sensing device.
  • For researchers and forecasters, regional and national data are also available.

Features in Development:

  • Automated classification and identification of pollen and other particles
  • Protection from extreme weather conditions is automated
  • Text or email notification if a device cannot reach the internet or has gone offline