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For years I was fully convinced that the nicest thing I could do to be romantic was to pop into the Walmart floral section (right there between the deli and avocados) and buy my wife a nice bouquet of flowers that appeared to be freshly spray-painted.

Eventually though, I learned that wasn’t really very romantic to her at all.

Let me rephrase that: I was gently told that cut flowers just didn’t say “thanks for putting up with my antics” as well as potted plants did.

Image result for overgrown aloe vera

Whew. Good to know. Now we have an overgrown aloe vera plant that’s been miraculously kept alive for 7 years.

Point is this: I had to be told, and it’s nice to know things.

You know things, like how valuable pollen information is to you. You can tell us, we’re listening more closely than an oblivious husband.

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