Pollen Wise Pilot: Utah County (Provo Station)

Pollen Sense: What's in your air, when and where.

Until now, people in Utah County have not been armed with the best pollen information available to them.

As part of its Pollen Wise pilot, Pollen Sense LLC will be posting regular reports from some of our automated samplers at select sites in Kentucky, Georgia and Utah. Asthmatics, hay fever and pollen allergy sufferers take note! Your existing pollen counts may not be as effective at managing exposure to airborne allergens as you think they are! (See what allergists in Spokane and Phoenix have to say about this).

The better the pollen information, the less I or loved ones have to suffer, and the more we can enjoy the outdoors. I get it.

How can I be part of this?

~Allergy Sufferer, Asthmatic, Allergist, Weather Reporter, Researcher

Automated pollen samplers are available to lease or buy. Pollen Wise is our mobile app that we expect to release soon as part of this pilot program. It will be able to reveal trends and counts from actual samples like never before. Check out some sample images, share the news on twitter and facebook, ask your allergist or general practitioner about pollen counts in your area and if they’re familiar with the newest technology.