Nose Network

Your nose knows, as they say.

Yesterday my son told me he went through three rolls of toilet paper trying to get the congestion out of his sinuses and nose. Five hundred-ish meters to take care of the discharge from an angry nose.

That’s a lot of work for a sniffer, and although it may not be happy about it, the sneezing and goo are doing their jobs. When something that doesn’t belong there ends up mired somewhere between our nostrils and sinuses, an allergic response can occur. Our noses, in a way, are amazing biological pollen sensors that also serve as bouncers. Got to keep the undesirables out!

But there is often a delay from the time that an allergen ends up causing a symptom, and variables like pollen dosage can make it tricky to know what, exactly, is setting you off.

New Tech for Pollen Counts

Our automated pollen counter doesn’t mind breathing pollen-infested air. It doesn’t get hayfever, and it will proudly provide reports every few minutes so your nose doesn’t have to find out the hard way.

Let’s use our nose network for smelling brownies and rose cologne.