National Bike Month & Avoid Grass Pollen Month

My father in law is in his 80’s and is, to this day, an avid biker. He pointed out to me that May is National Bike Month. Turns out May is also Avoid Grass Pollen Month, Asthma Allergy & Awareness Month too.

Could it be that May is the month we completely shake off Winter’s chill and begin to embrace our lawns, our petunias, our skateboards and fishing tackle? Bike racks get ratched down onto hatchbacks and off into the suburbs and wilderness we go.

If only it were that easy and fun for everyone. Millions will struggle to breathe as they pedal up a hill because, hey, it’s steep and even the toughest of cyclists will breathe heavily. Millions more will struggle just to get their next breath because pollen has triggered a response that is at the very least congesting and unpleasant.

Bikes, love and, yes, pollen are all in the air.

It helps to know what is in the air, where it is and when it makes the most sense to be in the outdoors.

That brings us to pollen counts. Not all are created equal. Educate yourself and, when it makes sense, venture forth and conquer those hills as well as the crud in the air.