Dodging Pollen is Not a Game but it Still Feels Great

avoiding pollen, enjoying drive with windows down

Pollen fires up my hay fever, and I do what I can to avoid exposure. I’ve learned that the less time I’m exposed to the lowest concentrations, the better I’ll feel, and the longer I’ll feel it.

I should drive down the road, windows rolled up, buckled tight against those pollen particles that are determined to find their way to my sinuses. That would indeed help me feel better longer.

But on a pleasant Spring evening, I’m channeling James Dean, and by golly I’d like to know if more than love is in the air so I can roll the windows down and breathe in all that refreshing coolness without risking a visit to the hospital.

So, I checked out our pollen data feed for Provo, Utah.

Our local air is relatively clean at the moment, and I’m near enough to the sensor to know that I can roll those windows down with confidence.

Maybe I’ll get some sunglasses. And a convertible.

james dean in his convertible