The Pollen Sense Team

Pollen Sense brings together a group of experts in environmental science, statistics, aerobiology, machine learning, communications, physics, business, and mechanical/electrical engineering. Our efforts to develop the technology that can identify airborne particulates like pollen and silica have resulted in Pollen Sense.

Our founders:

Richard Lucas, PhD
An environmental scientist and statistics expert who combines theory and quantitative modeling approaches to advance mechanistic understanding of processes underlying environmental and ecological phenomenon. Bees seem to have developed an affinity for Rich as he has been collecting pollen for this project, much to his chagrin and discomfort.

Landon Bunderson, PhD
An aerobiologist who summoned the passion for his graduate studies by focusing on a pollen type that he was extremely allergic to. Aerobiological interests are centered around bringing allergenic pollen reporting and forecasting into the 21st century. Landon dabbles in plant science—including working in biofuel pollen research, corn/soybean cropping systems, turfgrass science, and cutting-edge fertiizer technologies.

Nathan Allan
Software architect, inventor professionally for 26 years. He aspires to improve the state of software development, and bring the latest in artificial intelligence to consumers.  Don’t ask Nate about the Electric Universe, or he’ll never quit yapping.

Kevn Lambson
Graphic design, illustration, marketing, prototyping for 20 years. Suffers from hay fever, although that was never an excuse for mean task-masters that insisted the bales of alfalfa still had to come off the field. Encourages you to ask Nathan Allan about the Electric Universe.