Pollen Wise™ Mobile App

Our upcoming mobile app is very different from what you may be used to. Using a network of our new scientific devices, we can provide real-time pollen, dust, and mold data. It’s Spring 2019 and we’re pushing hard to get this great resource out to you.

How is the Pollen Sense mobile app different from existing apps that provide pollen or air quality alerts?

Asthmatic / Allergist / Researcher

Pollen Sense has created a network of automated devices the size of a boot box that, along with artificial intelligence, provide participating apps with real-time data about the pollen, silica, mold, and other particulates in the air. This is a new resource for those interested in healthcare, agriculture, biology, air quality and more!

If the weather was reported like pollen levels currently are, your weather report would look something like this:

Last year this time it rained, yesterday it rained, and today people seem to buying a lot of umbrellas right now. It must be raining, somewhere, in your general area, anyway.

Historical data, weather patterns, delayed pollen counts and pharmaceutical sales all shape pollen forecasting, but the unpredictable nature of particulate dispersion makes forecasting difficult to do accurately unless there is a timely measure of actual particulates to refine the forecast with.

We have new technology that creates real-time particulate data. This resource can help people make better decisions concerning pollen and other airborne particulates like silica and dust.

Tracking these particulates in the air is challenging! Unless you have a machine like ours, pollen counts require trained people to manually review pollen samples under a microscope. They write up reports, and share them as they can. Theirs is a painstaking process, and we tip our hats to these patient souls.

Landon, Pollen Lover & Hater

Landon, aerobiologist and allergy sufferer

One of our founders, Landon, has counted many thousands of pollen grains on one microscope slide after another. Ironically, he suffers from severe seasonal allergies. One day our automated pollen counter revealed he could drive around with the car windows down.

He loves the idea of an accurate idea of where pollen is (and isn’t).

A mobile app like ours can help people like Landon make better decisions about pollen so that exposure can be reduced.

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