Real-Time Airborne Particulate Sensor

automated pollen and particulate sensing device for real-time data about airborne particulates

There is mold, dust, and pollen in the air. Now we know when, where and what it is – all at the same time.

Timely pollen and particulate data

Pollen and More
Not only is Pollen Sense a sensor that can count different species of pollen, it can also register other organic and inorganic particles down to less than 5μm. In addition, the raw microscopic images of each sample can be accessed for further research later or in real-time.

Low Maintenance
Our pollen-sensing device is rugged and low maintenance. Data is pushed to a cloud service in real-time, and only an occasional consumables change and cleaning is necessary. The device runs on 12v DC powered by household current, so it could feasibly be powered by solar energy if necessary. If internet service is interrupted, a Pollen Sense device will cache its data until a connection is restored.

Data Reporting
We offer web services which give you programmatic access to real-time and historical images and data. For researchers and forecasters, regional and national data are also available.

Feature Summary

  • Images pollen and other particles
  • Ruggedized for harsh environments
  • Low maintenance
  • Robust power options
  • Real-time reporting to the cloud
  • Access to individual sample pictures

A Pollen Sense device can be purchased now.

Contact Landon Bunderson ( at 801.885.5347 for more information.