Understanding Pollen Data

Finding Good Information My friends and acquaintances know that I am a bit of a pollen geek. Every spring, at least a few people will come to me with blood shot eyes and a runny nose and ask, “What is in the air right now? It’s killing me!” They ask because they are lucky to know me, but what if you weren’t lucky, and didn’t know me, what would you find if you did an internet search? You can see in the screenshot below what I found: So let’s talk about the results and the…

Pollen Sense Gets TAP Award

In 2017 Pollen Sense received a Technology Acceleration Program (TAP) Grant from USTAR. TAP is a USTAR competitive grant program that supports private sector technology development for Utah-based companies. Here's an overview of the program and a glimpse into the new world of real-time automated airborne particulate counting and identification: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5G4w5hMUQvU

Mobile App News

Progress on our mobile app continues as we flesh out the interface and lay the groundwork for real-time mobile data.

We're working on interface elements, cool graphics and clever programming that will allow mobile users to get real-time particulate counts for pollen, dust, silica and mold. As our network of automated sensors grows, the app will give timely information about the location of airborne particulates. Folks who need to monitor allergens and irritants can manage exposure times and intensities better…