Cops and Pollen

I recently drove to Albuquerque, New Mexico to discuss automated pollen sensing with their city air-quality folks. Google maps was helping me get there, when I heard a voice coming from my phone telling me there was a speed trap ahead. Wow. I don't have a lead foot, but it was a nice reminder to check my speed and make sure I wasn't at risk for a ticket. As the cursor on the highway got nearer to the place where the speed trap was supposed to be, sure enough: a state trooper lay in ambush!…

Pollen Sense Gets TAP Award

In 2017 Pollen Sense received a Technology Acceleration Program (TAP) Grant from USTAR. TAP is a USTAR competitive grant program that supports private sector technology development for Utah-based companies. Here's an overview of the program and a glimpse into the new world of real-time automated airborne particulate counting and identification: